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Stair Climb

With a regular 50lb weighted vest, instructors add an additional 12.5 pounds to each shoulder totaling 75 pounds for the first event.  Before the initiation of the timed Cpat, there is a 20 second warm up on the step mill at the rate of 50 steps per minute.  During the warmup, you are allowed to dismount, grab the rail to establish balance.  The timing of the test begins at the end of the warm up period.  You must walk on the Stepmill at a rate of 60 steps per minute for 3 minutes.  

Hose Drag

Immediately finishing the stair climb, candidates must grasp a hoseline nozzle attached to 200 feet of 1 3/4 inch hose.  Place the hose line over your shoulder or across your chest.  Drag the hose 75 feet to a barrel, make a 90 degree turn around the barrel, and continue an additional 25 feet.  Drop to at least one knee and pull the hose line until its 50 foot mark crosses the finish line.  During the pull, you must keep at least one knee in contact with the ground and knee must remain within the marked boundary line.

Equipment Carry

Remove two saws from a tool cabinet, one at a time, and place them on the ground.  Pick up both saws, one in each hand, and carry them while walking 75 feet around a drum, then back to the starting point.


Ladder Raise and Extension

Walk a 24 foot aluminum ladder upright from the floor until it is stationary against the wall in a hand over hand fashion making sure you touch every rung.  Immediately following proceed to a prepositioned 24 foot aluminum extension ladder, stand with both feet within the marked box, and extend the fly section hand over hand until it hits the top.  Then, lower the fly section hand over hand in a controlled fashion to the starting position.

Forcible Entry

Use a 10lb sledgehammer to strike the measuring device in the target area until the buzzer is activated.  During the event, you must keep your feet outside the toe box at all times.  After the buzzer is activated, place the sledgehammer on the ground.


You must crawl through a tunnel maze that is approximately 3 feet high, 4 feet wide in length with two 90 degree turns.  A number of locations in the tunnel require you to navigate around, over, and under obstacles.  At two locations, you must crawl through a narrowed space where the dimensions of the tunnel are reduced.  Your movement is monitored through the maze.


You must grasp a 165lb mannequin by the handles on the shoulders of the harness (either one or both handles are permitted) drag it 35 feet to a prepositioned drum, make a 180 degree turn around the drum, and continue an additional 35 feet to the finish line.  You are not permitted to grasp or rest on the drum.  It is permissible for the mannequin to touch the drum.  You are permitted to drop and release the mannequin and adjust your grip.  The entire mannequin must be dragged until it crosses the marked finish line.

Ceiling breach and pull

You must remove the pike pole from the bracket, stand within the boundary established by the equipment frame, and place the tip of the pole on the painted area of the hinged door in the ceiling.  Fully push up the 60lb hinged door in the ceiling with the pike pole three times.  Then, hook the pike pole to the 80lb ceiling device and pull the pole down five times.  Each set consists of three pushes and five pulls.  Repeat the set four times.  This event and the total test time ends when you complete the final pull stroke repetition as indicated by a proctor who calls out "TIME."

Ladder Climb Untimed

Candidates must climb a 24ft extension ladder and ring bell at top.  A 5 point safety harness is mandated.


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