Ceiling Breach & Pull
Ceiling breach and pull
  1. This is the FINAL event.  You will most likely winded from the previous events, however it is important to push through this final task.

  2. As you remove the pike pole from the seated position, it is important to create a good base with your feet so you do not step outside of the boundary as outlined as the base of the prop.

  3. Grasp the pike pole tightly, you are required to bury the tip of the pike pole and push 3 times making sure the ceiling reaches its maximum height.  Our recommendation is to use your LEGS as you hold onto the pike pole.  It is easier to move the 60lb prop with your legs than your arms.

  4. As you complete the first set of 3 pushes, you need to complete 5 pulls.  Make sure the tip of the pike pole is seated properly and once again, use your legs and entire body as each repetition passes.  You can count out loud, however you MUST complete 4 total rounds.